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Enjoy Your Dell Laptop With These Cool Keyboard Tricks

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Dell laptops are an epitome of innovation. To that end, it comes to no one’s surprise that the device might be a host of multiple auxiliary tips and tricks. And when it comes to these tricks, what better way to start the day with some keyboard tips which are availed after the installation of Microsoft windows.

Cool Keyboard Tricks that you would Enjoy

Tricks are not only for fun; they also stimulate the mind, sate your curiosity and make you a whole lot of smarter. T that end, Dell service centre brings to you some windows based keyboard tricks that would not only blow your mind, but also will make you stand out.

  1. Getting that high contrast: Dell laptops mostly entail a decent enough screen. But sometimes, you might need a bit more crispness and contrast. As this feature is battery consuming, the operating system hides it. Just hold down Shift + Alt +Print to a high contrast from your laptop screen.
  2. Turn the screen around: though not a very uncommon trick, it is nice to remember he classics once in a while. To do this, press Ctrl + Alt + any Directional key. The directional key would determine the direction of the desktop rotation. Though only meant to play a trick on your unsuspecting victim, for fun purposes, this is one cool trick.
  3. Switch between windows: Microsoft windows 10 arrived with a whole lot of versatility for the desktop applications. Meant for the professionals and productive among you, holding down the alt and pressing tab would assist you to change between different open windows. It looks particularly beautiful due to the fidelity of Dell laptop screens.
  4. Complete delete: Now we know that recycle is perfect god’s way of turning back time, but sometimes we just want our files just gone. To that end, deleting without confirmation is very helpful, Select the file and press shift + delete to complete this task.
  5.  Back to desktop: While could also be done with ease with the mouse, this trick looks much more professional and also takes less time. Going back to the desktop can be done in a more efficient manner by using the combination “Windows key + D”.
  6. Lock the system: In case you are not currently using the system, you can lock it down by pressing “Windows Key + L”  

The mentioned are just some of the tricks; the profile of such shortcuts is quiet bigger than this. Therefore, for more information, contact our Dell repair centre Melbourne for further details

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