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How To Connect Bluetooth To Your Dell Laptop?

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Bluetooth being a great medium to move easily in spite of using a device, this innovative feature is part of our daily lives. Earlier we used to use this feature for transferring data but now mostly this feature is used for using wireless mouse, speakers, keyboards or headphones while using the electronic gadget. This property when connected to your computer provides you the leverage to be comfortable while you are working.

Did you know Bluetooth feature can communicate with upto seven devices? Well, if you want to use all the benefits of this feature with your Dell Laptop, then wait no more. Dell repair Perth gives you the most simplified process of providing Bluetooth connectivity to your laptop:

1. Firstly, find the Bluetooth icon on the toolbar, lower right on your computer screen. In case you cannot find it, it might be hidden.

  • When the icon is hidden: Click on “customize”, then find the logo of the instrument and choose “Show hidden icons and notifications” arrow.

2. Now, go to the icon and pair the laptop and start using it.
3. Next, a menu will appear where you have to select “Add a Bluetooth Device”.
4. Remember to turn on the Bluetooth device, otherwise you won’t get any messages.
5. Some of the devices even have blue LED blinking once you are in the discovery mode.
6. Next, select the name of your device and pair it with your computer.
7. Click “Next”, it might even ask for the passkey which can be found in you user's manual.
8. Now, click “Finish” you are done with the pairing with your laptop.

Note: The color of the icon is blue with the letter “B”. Now, when the icon turn blue and white icon, it means your adapter is ready to be paired with another device. If you are ready to pair with any other laptop, computer or other device, the letter “B” will appear in white. If “B” appears in green, it means you are connected to another device and if you find the letter appears in red, it indicates that the wireless switch is off.

For further details concerning about Bluetooth connectivity, trouble connecting your laptop or any other computer, laptop and other related issues, we recommend you to contact Dell service centre at toll-free Number 1800-431-364. The technical experts are available at providing you multitude of services at the shortest span of time possible.

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